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My Top Ten Twitter Tools for 2011

January 23, 2011
Here is my list of the best Twitter tools I have come across this year.  Hope you enjoy.
  1. – Is a social media search engine.  Enter any term and find out who’s tweeting, blogging, reporting or YouTubing about it.  You can also track your tweets and blog posts by entering either your Twitter handle or the title of your latest blog in quotations.
  2. Retweeting – otherwise known as a RT (RT@ Haarpia… for instance) is like referencing a source in an academic paper, it’s also considered a courtesy to give credit where credit is due. There is another reason why RT’ing is good: as you may or may not know, when you first follow someone they do not know you exist and cannot see your tweets, by RT’ing you remind them that you exist and they might appreciate the RT and follow you back…or not.
  3. HashTags – hashtags are fun and useful.  A popular hashtag is #Follow Friday where people broadcast new, favourite or cool people they are following like this: #FollowFriday @haarpia, @detr_X, #syncwinnipeg etc.  You can join trending hashtags by adding your own tweet to the back of the hashtag, for example: #TaylorSwift – Kanye stole your mic not your virginity, get over it! The beauty of hashtags is that your tweet is added to a timeline of tweets with the same hashtag so people that are not following you get to see your tweets.  You can add a hashtag to certain words like names, places, brands etc. So if you were tweeting a link to an article on Darfur, you would put a hashtag in front of Darfur, like this: #Darfur
  4. – is a URL shortener.  With only 140 characters to work with, it’s good to have a service that shortens URL’s, need I say more?
  5. Social – is a site that has features like auto-follow/unfollow.  It also allows you to set criteria for following people which is very helpful because although it may be courteous to follow people that follow you, sometimes spammers follow you and you wouldn’t want to auto-follow them! A set of criteria will weed those people out. It also has options for auto-thank you/auto-greetings; it’s hard to keep up with new followers especially when we get the notifications and we’re not near a computer.  With this feature you can greet and thank new followers automatically or include a link in the message directing them to your Facebook page, blog or YouTube channel.  Additional features also allow you to rotate between a few different greeting options so that not everyone gets the same one. Scheduling future tweets is another good feature for when you want to send tweets out at a time when there is high Twitter traffic but can’t. This feature makes it easy to get your tweets out at a whatever time you want.
  6. -Twitcam is a live video streaming site that posts your video description and link to Twitter for all your followers to see. While broadcasting you can chat with your viewers via a Twitter window located on your broadcast page. Once you’re done going live, it archives your video and displays it on the same page. There is no sign up required and it is 100% Free (ad supported), it doesn’t require any software and can handle up to 100,000+ viewers and also gives you an option to broadcast your video on other social networks.
  7. MyTweeple.comis a friend/follower managing dashboard. It has very cool features that allow you to publicly or privately put tags on followers which makes it easier to search for them and adds another layer to listing them.  It also enables you to follow, unfollow, hide, block or “ding” a follower directly from the dashboard. What is Ding you ask? If you ding a follower it is a warning to others that this person is a spammer or a general nuisance. The site also offers an option for jotting down private notes about a particular follower as well.  I’m sure I don’t need to explain why this might be useful. It also has some great display features. For instance, it shows who your following, who is following you, who you’re following that follows you, and it has an option to see people that you’ve unfollowed. Other display data includes name, screename, location, description or tag (word or phrase) for each of your followers.  Additional information and options displayed for each of your followers include who they’re following and who’s following them, how many tweets they’ve made, and you can see their lists and recent tweets. The only glitch to using this app is that you need to sync regularly with Twitter but they make it easy by enabling you to schedule an automatic sync from the dashboard.
  8. Nearbytweets.comLets you see tweets in any city worldwide on any subject.
  9. Tweepsync ( Isolates those you follow that don’t follow you, those that follow you that you don’t follow, and it lets you bulk unfollow or follow, as the case may be. They’ve also added a new feature which allows you to unfollow people that you are following in bulk. I guess this feature is for those of us with followers remorse.
  10. Selective Twitter Status – lets you update your Facebook status from Twitter AND you can choose which tweets to send to your Facebook status — just end a tweet with #fb – it’s that simple!

Now here’s a great video:

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