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Embedding an Image in Gmail/Yahoo

January 22, 2011

Ever wondered how to embed an image into the body of an email?

Usually when we send an image we do it as an attachment but when you attach a file then it can be downloaded.  What if you don’t want it to be downloadable? This is when image hosting sites like come in handy.

ImageShack allows you to upload an image or video from your PC and convert it to a direct link, widget and HTML code.  All you do to embed your image into a message in Yahoo or Gmail is select and copy the Direct Link provided by the site after you upload it from your PC, then open up your web browser and enter the Direct Link URL into the address bar and hit enter.  A window will open up displaying your image then you just need to copy it by either selecting it with your cursor or right click on your mouse and select copy from the drop down menu.  Once it is copied then you just need to paste it into the body of your email.

When you send the email to someone they will be able to forward it once to a recipient after which the link becomes broken.  This has obvious advantages and disadvantages depending on what you’re trying to do with it.  If you want the image to be forwardable ad infinitum then you can paste the direct link into the email and give instructions for embedding.

This site is also useful for your WordPress blog.  On WordPress, the image widget requires a URL code so if you are using an image from your PC again you will need a direct link with URL.

By signing up for a free account you will be able to create albums and slideshows, post to your blog, edit your images, mark them as public or private, delete them etc.

Now here is a video of a freaky baby speaking in tongues:

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