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January 21, 2011

LivingSocial is a social buying platform available to users in the US, Canada, Australia, Ireland and here in the UK.

All you do is enter your city and postcode and it will show you the latest offers for sale near you.  The platform has access to over 89 markets and posts daily deals at a huge discount for local shows, pubs, restaurants spas and other cool stuff.

You can either scroll through the daily offers or you can look at past deals.  Data about each deal is displayed on the site so you can see what the discount percentage is, how many people purchased the deal and how many days are left on it.

If you see a deal you can’t resist you can purchase it via Paypal with the click of a button.  LivingSocial then sends you a link with confirmation of your purchase.

Now here’s the really cool part, you can share the link with your followers and friends using the Twitter and Facebook buttons on the site.  If three or more people purchase the same offer using your link …then yours is free!!! another deal-of-the-day website is LivingSocia’s main competitor which sells deals on a wide range of products, also worth checking out.

Now here’s a great video from Lyric Born Feat Joyo Velarde

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