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Importing Facebook Contacts to LinkedIn and Gmail

April 3, 2011


It used to be that the only way to import your Facebook friends contact info into Gmail was to do it manually.  Now you merely have to jump through hoops. Luckily Yahoo! has a Facebook import function, unlike Gmail.  Facebook however, recently removed application tabs like LinkedIn from User Profile, but they do permit it on Page Profiles.  So unfortunately importing to Gmail and LinkedIn requires that you first import to Yahoo!

From Yahoo select Contacts > Tools > Import > Facebook

Now your Facebook contacts are in Yahoo you can easily import them to LinkedIn:  From LinkedIn select Contacts > Add Connections and enter your email address and password.

Now to get them into Gmail:  From Gmail (slightly more tricky) select My Contacts > More Actions > Import.  A window will open asking you for a CSV file extension.  To get this you must go to Yahoo! and select Contacts > Tools > Export.  A window will open and several options are listed, select: Yahoo! CSV and click Export Now.  A CSV file will download to your PC Downloads folder.

Return to Gmail and select the Yahoo CSV file from your Downloads folder. Then tick the box asking if you want to add the imported contacts and select either Facebook or My Contacts or New Group.  If you select My Contacts your Facebook contacts from Yahoo will merge with your existing Gmail contacts, if you select the FaceBook option your FB contacts will save in a separate file called FaceBook, or you can give it a different name by selecting the New Group option.

Now here’s a soon to be YouTube Classic:


How to leave LinkedIn groups

February 25, 2011

When I first joined LinkedIn I enthusiastically became a member of several special interest groups.  After a few years of getting spammed I finally got fed up and tried to put an end to it.  It took me quite a long time to figure out how to do this.  Like several other functions on LinkedIn they don’t make it easy to leave groups.  I Googled the answer first, as one does, but the problem with Google is that social media sites are constantly changing so information on functionality is often out of date.

So anyways, if you want to leave a group on LinkedIn here is the current way how to do it:

First go to MY GROUPS from the GROUPS tab at top of page

Then click on the link for the group you want to leave (not the logo but the text link)

Then you will be directed to the group’s page.  Look for the group’s tab along the top that says MORE and click

From the drop down menu select MY SETTINGS

On the bottom right hand corner of the page there will be a grey button that says LEAVE GROUP click it

To leave another group start from beginning by clicking on GROUPS tab at top of page and selecting MY GROUPS again to begin process

It’s such a long involved process, one should simply be able to select more than one group and bulk leave…alas this is LinkedIn after all, the crappiest of the social networking sites so until Facebook and Google get together and produce a superior product we will just have to deal.

Here’s a funny video:

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