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DropBox It Like It’s Hot

June 10, 2011

Hi Guys,

Did you know that you can play music directly from DropBox? DropBox has a service called…yep, you guessed it…DropTunes!

DropBox also has a nifty Google Chrome extension which allows you to access your DropBox with the click of a button from your Chrome toolbar.  The add-on also has a feature that let’s to see a snapshot of your recent DropBox activities.

One last tool to make you happy is the DropBox Screen Grabber that lets you capture your screen and save it to DropBox.  All you do is press Shift + F10 to grab your entire screen or Shift + F11 to grab the current live window.  It saves in two formats JPEG and PNG.

Also, did you know that you can get more space by either buying it or by going to and completing five or more of the tasks. You also get more space by installing it on other devices, referring friends, and connecting it to social media platforms.

Have fun and enjoy this short baby video:




Totally Epic File Syncing, Sharing and Storing App

February 26, 2011

DropBox is software that links all of your computers together via a single folder so you can back up and sync files between computers.  Transferring data between computers can be a hassle and usually involves sending emails with attachments to yourself and others. But not any more!

The DropBox App software watches a folder and syncs any changes to the web and your other computers.  The DropBox Website allows you to access your files on any computer from a web browser.

You can also use the DropBox website to share your files or folders with others.  DropBox for mobile devices allows you to connect to your DropBox from your pocket, so you can take your files with you wherever you go. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or Android mobile device, native DropBox applications are available for free. To install DropBox on your mobile device, visit: Http://

How secure is DropBox?  All transport of file data and file metadata occurs over SSL. All files are encrypted with AES-256 before being stored on the DropBox backend. These are the same standards that banks and the military use to protect their data!

Dropbox photo galleries allow you to share photos with anyone (even non-DropBox users). These photos will be presented in a photo gallery that is viewable online at:  Http://

The Public Folder lets you easily share single files in your DropBox.  Any file you put in this folder gets its own internet URL link so that you can share it.  All you do is paste the link into e-mails, instant message conversations, blogs, etc…

Now check out this totally epic new video by Pip Skid:


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