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I *Heart* Facebook!

March 26, 2012

I *heart* you so much that I wasted 45mins of my day coming up with this cute heart design made out of hearts.  You would be surprised how hard it is to make, or maybe you wouldn’t because after 5 mins you would probably realise it was a waste of time and quit, nevertheless I give you….


I defy anyone to accomplish this in less than 45mins!

After you cut & paste this into your Facebook comments or status bar it should look like this:

Now I leave you with an elaborate Russian dance flash mob with a marriage and some army dudes set to Putting on the Ritz…to be fair they should have called it Putin on the Ritz…nevermind


Chrome Users Only!

March 26, 2012

What I am about to show you is going to revolutionize your Google Chrome experience.  There is a little known extension called Speed Dial that allows you to access the websites you visit much more easily – It’s called Speed Dial.

It has a lot of features that the old interface doesn’t.  For instance you can customise your thumbnails.  It has an exhaustive list of icons to choose from for popular social media platforms like Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter etc.

It also allows you to customise how many thumnails you see.  I have mine set up at 5 columns wide but you can have as many as nine columns by nine rows.

Now depending whether you work on a Macbook or a PC it is very easy to add/remove/edit dials (as they are called).  On a PC you just right click to edit or remove a dial, and on a Mac hold Command + click.  To add a dial just hover over the + sign and click!

The options menu is located at the righthand top of the screen beside the address bar, click the little lightening bolt and select options from the drop down menu.  Here is an sample preview:

The Speed Dial Google Chrome extension is completely free just type Google Chrome extensions into your browser and click on their web store, then scroll down until you find Speed Dial.  Here is a link: SpeedDial

Also here is a very funny video of a cat:

That’s What I’m Talking About!

February 3, 2012

Did you know that you can make your Mac speak to you?  

All you have to do is open Applications > Utilities > Terminal.   Once the  Terminal window opens type Say and hit return (then repeat process).

Then you can go to System Preference and select Speech to control speaking rate and choose from different voices like Fred, Kathy, Princess, Cellos, Boing, Zarvox, Bubbles, Bad News and so on… Post in the comments any creative uses you find for this feature.  You can copy/paste large sections of text or song lyrics and have your computer read your children to sleep… or is that unethical?  Why not leave a message on your friends answering service in robot?

Now here’s a creepy video of a kid you can be very thankful was never your boyfriend in high school:

YouTube Micro-hack

February 25, 2011

Some of you will already know this trick –  it’s nothing new but for those that don’t, try this:

Open up a YouTube video and after it starts take your cursor and click anywhere along the timeline (that’s the red bar found along the bottom of the screen indicating video duration)

After you click on the video, let it buffer for a second or two then click any number on your keyboard from 1-9. The video will jump from segment to segment respective to the numbers clicked.  If you multi-click a number in succession you can scratch…kind of. The number 0 will take you back to the start of the video.

Give it a try on this video:

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