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Hold on, let me Google that for you

March 19, 2013

One of my pet peeves is when people online ask stupid questions…but let me qualify what a stupid question is:  A stupid question is any question!  Come on people!  We have something called Google now, so if you want the correct answer to something just Google it!  Then if you still can’t find the answer it  means one of two things: you are either are totally useless at using Google or you have a legitimate question.

If anyone shares my intolerance for stupid questions, here is a funny response for the next person you come across posting one:

Visit, type the stupid question into the search bar and hit enter or click search, then copy the link and reply to the stupid question using the link provided.

When the person clicks on the link it will take them to a search engine designed to look and act exactly like Google, except it types in their stupid question for them and asks them “was that so hard?” before pulling up their Google results.

I guess you need to be a little sarcastic to enjoy this trick.

Now here’s a funny video of a stupid fat kid stuck in a baby car seat:

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