Zombies!!! Run!!!

May 1, 2012

I’ve had the same New Year’s resolution for the past 20 years: start exercising.  I should clarify that my only desire to exercise is to firm up, it has absolutely nothing to do with being healthy.  I hate people who exercise to be healthy.  Theoretically I love the idea of running, but as a praxis I find it exceedingly boring and painful.  I once ran for an entire summer but I literally had to force myself out the door and deliberately ran through Canada’s worst ghetto (Downtown Winnipeg) to prevent myself from quitting.  

I don’t know if you need to love zombie movies to be as excited about this new app as I am, but you should definitely hate exercise. Zombies Run is an iPhone/Android running game.  It’s not like other running apps that just record distance, time, pace, and number of calories burned.  In the game you are Runner 5 and the world is depending on.  You will need to build your base to unlock new missions and collect critical supplies like medicine, batteries and ammo while under constant threat of impending zombie attacks.  Another great feature of the app is that it allows you to import your own playlists.  Mission updates, tasks, and storyline clues unfold between music tracks like radio transmissions.

Here’s a video explaining more about it:


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