Crucial Privacy Settings and Deleting Contacts on LinkedIn

January 26, 2011

Social networking sites sure don’t make it easy to delete stuff, and did you know that the default setting for a lot of social networking sites is public?  That means that anyone can see your stuff. In this post I am going to show you how to delete people from your LinkedIn contacts and how to make your LinkedIn profile more private.

Deleting Contacts:

Step 1.    Login to your LinkedIn account

Step 2.    Click on Contacts on the bar at the top of the screen beside Home and profile (upper left side of screen)

Step 3.    From the drop down menu click on My Connections

Step 4.    In the upper right side of the screen you will see a tab called Remove Connections, click it.

Step 5.    The rest is self-explanatory, just check the boxes of the people you want to get rid of and hit Remove.

Privacy Setting:

I recommend you make sure your profile is set to private if you’re new to LinkedIn because the default setting is public which means everyone can see your profile.

To check if your settings are private, login to your LinkedIn account then click on your name in the uppermost right hand corner of the screen beside the Add Connections tab.  If you hover over your name it will show a drop down menu with Settings and Sign Out options, don’t click on either of those just click on your name and it will take you to your Edit profile page.  In the upper right side of that page there is a list of options, click the third option: Change Public Profile Settings.  This takes you to your public profile page where you will find two boxes, the first is a public URL option to customise your LinkedIn public address.  In the upper right corner of this box you can click on hide.  In the box below make sure the None – off option is selected, otherwise you can customise what people see by selecting the recommended Full View option and deselecting the elements you want to remain private.

One other important thing you should do is turn OFF your Profile and Status Updates.  In the default settings it is always set to ON. If you leave it set to ON then every time you change a detail all your connections are notified and this is really annoying.  To turn it off just click on your name as before, in the upper right corner of your homepage, select Settings from the drop down menu and under Settings > Privacy Settings there is an option called Profile and Status Updates, click it, then click NO to both questions and Save Changes.

If you have any questions about LinkedIn feel free to ask.  If I don’t know, I will figure it out and post something.

Now here’s a video of the Social Media Guru:


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